What all is wrong with Tinder!

So recently I have joined Tinder, and much to my delight, I deleted my account in three weeks of using it.I joined because I was bored and wanted to meet new people, I won’t mind hooking up if its going fine; but of course not on the first day itself (I need to know the people). I don’t get it why to pimp yourself in it so profoundly and then act coy about it!! But I guess that’s Indian roots.1. Indian Men are ugly. And that’s not Tinder’s fault. It’s just a fact and need to put up out there for your acceptance. Another fact so that I am not offending any one particular race, us girls or some other guys are going to windup with one of those.2.  Putting three fourth of you face, jaw, chin, biceps, 6 packs, ain’t gonna get you girls. For some it did, or say for many it did have worked and ranked you as a Tinder player, but shouldn’t I get a gym’s subscription for that; at least that will help me in some way or many ways.3. Did you know that: If you are a single, horny, Indian male, Tinder gives you a special offer! YES it’s true. It give you power to be as creepy as possible, more like a invisibility creepy cloak. It’s also so tricky for their small brain to grasp on how and when to invoke this power. Or is it actually going to help them get laid or is it going scare off their prey.  I  have no comments for women who dig that (everybody is fetish to something). 7 out of 10 men I swiped right to judging on their decent looks and bio and work similarities, had used the MOST CREEPIEST FUCK ALL PICK UP LINE!! It ended up with me being so fascinated by how creatively Indian men thinks until they get laid, PERIOD.4. “Being Rude is the new Attraction.” This is like the 101 rule in Tinder. U try that and tell me how that works out for you. 4 out of 10 Tinderella’s think this works like a pro. Idk how but apparently being narcissistic and obnoxiously rude is going to get some actions! I am left baffled by this as isn’t this the very reason for you to be jerking off alone in some corner. But I am no one to judge, it might have worked. For which I am super happy for you.5. Send Nudes, XOXO, lets talk through out the night, lets sext, I am in love with you, you are the only one, I am just talking to you cutieeee, what is your mobile number, why so shy being on tinder, send nudes, send topless…isn’t it what you joined for….. and on and on and on. Super accurate to score a night! I am just curious as from where this generation of ours is getting influenced from? or part of it is getting influenced from? Is it their hormones ?? Or which western culture are they intimidated from? It wasn’t even in GOT?? THEN FROM WHERE????????These all made me feel outcast. I don’t belong to this high elite-st of all culture. Ahh. Pst. Going to be single and horny for a while now. (LOL, not kidding; I typed horny and my smart auto correct changed it to Holy.. haha it would be more apt for my indian genes though.)Peace Out! Glad to live another day. 🙂

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