Smells like growing up!

Just three more months and the end of another year. It seems so strange how years starts with much gusto, positivity, adrenaline and ends like a mix tape filled with all sort of favourite emotions you lived.

This year was a longest, highest and giddiest year in my life so far. Things happened which I never wished for myself, fealt so alone, cried, fell even more harder, took a deep breath, stood up again, fell again, got a scar, and yet here I am. No hard feelings against anyone. I have never been more content from life yet passion burns deeper. Is this called growing up? I feel so old and empowered in a young body. Is this a good feeling? Is it going to be my new wise companion?

As a grown up and it doesn’t necessary means my yearly age, I feel a little less of myself and a little more of life’s wisdom in me. I feel loosing my innocense’s virginity. I feel distant yet never so close to myself. I don’t want to blame the world, the people, the plot, the life. I want to call it Darwin’s theory. The survival of the fittest. If I won’t adapt and evolve, I will die, suffocating. But it’s been daunting experience as well to see myself as a third person taking a shift from one room of innocence to the other where I use my innocence for my evolution.

Being three months away from celebration, I just want it to be a note to myself “try to protect your innocence, and kindness.” Very rare to find these days amongst our kind.

Rest all happy.

Peace out!!

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