These days I couldnot stop but wander off to think what all life has taken from me and what all I have received from it.

Many a times we think life is the biggest teacher you can get. It makes you fall, makes you rise, takes you up on the expedition soaring from joy to sadness to thrill to humble and what not.

But if LIFE would be a person, would you kick him, abuse him or hug him ?

This would be a kind of person, I want to have a

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I feel lost. What is the proof of my existence in this universe? It looks like I m a small ant struggling to not getting stomped. Not being beaten up, standing to already made beliefs and rules and r


Me: Why can’t I trust people? Voice: It is something that’s developed over time. You don’t come in with trust. People do put faith and trust into someone and they might fall on their face and regret.

Smells like growing up!

Just three more months and the end of another year. It seems so strange how years starts with much gusto, positivity, adrenaline and ends like a mix tape filled with all sort of favourite emotions you

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