Meri Pehchaan!


I remember when I was not so little, my parents took me to some very shady stall. It had a rickety computer setup on the much worse and wobbly table. What caught my attention was tiny, shinning web camera. They clicked my photo, got my thumbprint and sent me home.

Much later I understood that was the fifth identity Of myself I have to keep and protect all time. Library card, school id, pan card, passport, driver’s license and now aadhar card! I was least bothered about adding new cards to my wallet and show off untill this happened very recently.

I had to transfer some money to my doctor through paytm. I transferred the money to my paytm account. After infinite attempts, my paytm money is not transferring to my doctor’s paytm account. He is looking at me. Waiting to wrap this up. I am getting impatient. And still its not happening. You ask why?

Because I haven’t Linked my adhaar to my paytm account.

Why the hell did it not ask me before transferring that link your adhaar, its mandatory? It had to digitize my hefty amount and then give me babaji ka thulu! And everybody is looking at me to transfer while I am panicking. So I sprung out to find any atm nearby. I pay my fucking taxes. I enter every year my salary scale, my expenditure and obediently pay how much is told. And on top of that , now I have to tell the unseen authority how and where am I spending my money or more like it my expenditure would be kept on record despite my unliking.

Doesn’t this sound twisted. I am not much of a political person, and I am eagerly waiting for someone to explain this shit to me if I am thinking wrong.

Growing up sucks. Especially when it come to policies and government and no vacations. Help me.

Peace out. Still glad to live another day.

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